Application Database (Intranet Example)

Background Information

Expert know-how shall be stored in a central database. It is made available to selected users via the company's intranet. Users must authenticate with a password.

Tour through the Application Database

The information database is divided in sections "Projects", "Persons" and "Documents" as well as additional services.

A list of projects can be shown. It can be constrained to a certain discipline (e.g. "Fire Detection").

A query mask allows to search for specific projects.

Here's the result page for the previous query.

Detailed information on a project can be shown.

The functions for the "Persons" section ...

... are similar.

New information is entered by a HTML form.

The "Documents" section allows downloading of documents in several languages.

The "Services" section contains discussion boards ...

... and a subscription mechanism for update information.

The administrator user has additional functionality.


This intranet application is a Perl/CGI program based on MS SQL Server.

It uses frames for ease of navigation and conforms to the company's intranet style guide.

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